Snoring Chin Strap

man-wearing-snoring-chin-strapThe snoring chin strap is a device that can help mouth breathers to get control over their snoring. Specialists recommend this item if you frequently wake up with dry mouth and throat. Mouth breathing is commonly accompanied by snoring, and although the problem poses no health threat it is incredibly annoying for the person sleeping by your side.

Going for the real cause

Just wearing the snoring chin strap is not going to put an end to the problem if you don’t treat the cause that makes you a mouth breather. It is common to breathe through the mouth when you suffer from some form of nasal congestion, which may be a symptom of allergies, common colds, polyps, nasal septum deviation or sinusitis.

It is most important to talk to a doctor and get a medical opinion on the situation so that the treatment is targeted. The snoring chin strap is considered less invasive as compared to other stop snoring aids. Worn over the head with a cradle that goes under the chin, it keeps the mouth closed during the night, encouraging breathing through the nose. The discomfort to wearing this device has been reported as lower than that of mouthpieces, for instance.

In case the doctor finds a structural throat or nose problem, the chin strap may not help you much with snoring. A different type of device could be used then if the doctor does not decide for a surgical intervention to treat the cause of the problem.

The long term benefits of the chin strap is that they teach you to breathe through the nose. After a period of usage, you can try a night without it to see whether the mouth breathing problem has been corrected. Your partner may be able to advise. In some cases it only takes a few weeks to re-train yourself to breathe through the nose, yet the decrease of snoring varies from case to case.

How does the snoring chin strap work?

The strap holds the lower jaw in an upward position which enlarges the air passage. The direct consequences of wearing it is that the soft tissue vibration inside the mouth and throat lowers. Another direct effect that is directly connected with the alleviation of snoring consists in the reduced speed of the air flow breathed in through the nose.

The snoring chin strap offers a snug fit around the chin as it comes with an adjustable size feature.

The disadvantages of the snoring chin strap

As it happens with all the anti-snoring devices, the chin strap has a limited range of efficiency as it does not work for all the possible causes behind snoring. From the total number of wearers, only some will notice improvement in their condition.

Failure happens usually because the cause of snoring is not identified correctly.

Some people don’t like this aid because it looks funny and they feel ridiculous wearing one.

All in all, the snoring chin strap is effective if it’s a targeted treatment for the real snoring cause.

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